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Astrologer Training

There are many types of astrology, each opening a doorway to new discoveries and greater understanding. These include...

Basic Birthchart InterpretationHumanistic AstrologyEvolutionary AstrologyRelationship AstrologyPredictive Astrology, and more. You can find a more complete list and a brief definition of the various types of astrology near the bottom of this page.

To work with any of these types of astrology, it is necessary to know the fundamentals - the "astrological alphabet" - elements, signs, planets, houses, and aspects. Once you know these basics, you can learn and work with virtually any type of (western) astrology.

This course was designed to give you a complete working knowledge of these fundamentals, and the ability to interpret their various combinations, so that you can begin reading birth-charts for friends, family, and clients if you choose to pursue astrology as a profession. As you gain experience in basic chart interpretation, you might also choose to grow your practice by exploring and specializing in one or more of the various types of astrology.

What you will learn in the course

This 12 week course will provide you with all the information you will need to begin reading birth-charts and practicing astrology, including:

• The anatomy of the birth-chart... How a chart is constructed and how all the parts fit together to reveal a portrait of a person's life.

• The 4 Elements... Earth, Water, Fire and Air all have distinct qualities which are expressed in a unique combination in each individual's chart/life, and which form the underlying essence of the 12 signs.

• The 12 Signs... Although the signs of the zodiac have been somewhat trivialized by daily horoscopes, etc., they are actually very profound, multi-layered expressions of universal principles.

• The 10 Planets... The Sun and Moon, plus the 5 "inner planets" - Mercury to Saturn - have been part of the astrological universe since ancient times. These 7 are called personal planets because together they represent the package that we call our personality. The 3 outer planets - Uranus, Neptune and Pluto - were discovered in relatively recent times, and are called transpersonal planets because they represent the higher spiritual facets of ourselves as well as the higher spiritual forces of the Universe.

• The Moon's Nodes... The nodes are not really planets, but two opposite points in the heavens. Even though they are not actual objects, they can reveal much about our karmic past and future directions.

• The Houses... The birth-chart is divided into 12 sections called houses. Every single department of life on Planet Earth falls under the "rulership" of one of these houses.

• The Rising Sign... The rising sign is literally the sign that is rising in the east at the moment of your birth, and is one of the most significant influences in the birth-chart.

• The Planetary Aspects... These are the geometrical relationships formed between the planets in your chart. Each aspect has its own special significance. (And no, you don't have to know geometry or be especially good at math in the computer age to learn and practice astrology.)

• Putting it all together... Planets in signs and houses, signs on house cusps, relationships between the planets, etc. All of these come together in a chart like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, to form a picture of a totally unique individual.

• Specifics in the birthchart... Relationships, career, family, money, health, etc. Knowing where to look in the chart can reveal a tremendous amount of information about all these departments of an individual's life.

• Transits of the planets - current and coming circumstances... Where the planets are now in heavens relative to the placement of planets in your chart is one of the main ways of seeing what's going on now in your life and what is approaching.

• Practice reading birth-charts... Astrology is a language, and like learning any language, the more you practice it, the more comfortable you become with it. The course will provide a good deal of chart interpretation practice, so that you will feel confident enough to begin reading charts on your own.

Cost of the 12 week course: $350
If you get 1 or more friends to take the course with you,
each of you will receive a $75 discount

How the Course is Structured

Your course will be done in 12 one-to-one or group sessions. Ideally, there will be 1 session per week. However, the actual schedule of your course can be arranged to suit the availability of all participants. Sessions will run approximately 2 hours.

Your classes can be done via various communications mediums. My preference is Skype Video Chat. However, other options are available, including Phone, Skype audio, or G-mail or Facebook Video Chat.

Sign up for this course in 3 easy steps

1. Fill out the "course sign-up form." (All information you submit will remain absolutely private, and will not be used for anything except signing you up for your lightworker training.)

2. When I receive your form, I will contact you to discuss a schedule of dates and times for your classes.

3. When we've arranged your course schedule, you can submit your payment directly over the phone, or pay online by clicking the pay button here. Payment can be made via PayPal or with PayPal's credit card feature for non-members.

If you have questions about any of the courses before signing up, feel free to e-mail me at:

Jim Malloy ~ Astrology Bio

Jim Malloy Jim Malloy was trained as an astrologer in 1968 at Berkeley Free University in Berkeley, CA. Over the past 44 years he has done thousands of readings and has taught astrology at all levels. He currently practices Prebirth Lifeplan Astrology, which grew out of a sudden revelation he had in 1986.


Meditation Teacher Training

Higher Self Class

The various types of astrology defined:
Basic Birthchart Interpretation: Focusses mainly on personality traits, abilities, potentials, challenges, etc.
Humanistic Astrology: A deeper, more psychological approach.
Evolutionary Astrology: Focusses on spiritual growth and awakening.
Relationship Astrology: Reveals chemistry, common interests and compatibility.
• Predictive Astrology: Forcasts current and coming planetary influences, possible future events, windows of opportunity, etc.
Electional Astrology: Best times to begin things like businesses, marriages, etc.
Relocation Astrology: Shows which planets are emphasized in your birth-chart in different parts of the world.
Horary Astrology: Casting a chart to answer a specific question.
Financial Astrology: Market trends, investment timing, etc.
Mundane Astrology: Charts of world events.

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